You have to understand that HELLENISM needs protection and preservation for future years and future generations. You need to stop people from uselessly surfing the web and kids/adults playing harmful aggressive video games and mindless slots.

You need to endorse your Hellenistic purpose on a daily basis in order to keep us EXISTING in the future so we do not disappear as some would like us to. You need to go back to basics, go back to being down to earth, HOLD A BOOK IN YOUR HANDS, flip the pages, feel the feeling of the words, smile, be proud, not a book for crayon scribbles, be proud of the fact that it is bilingual, come now, this makes the best holiday gift,

the bear on the cover is for all ages, even the oldest adult needs to feel the child in their heart so that they can keep hope alive, please become part of the Aris team of positive Hellenism and Education.
Aris will show you bilingual Hellenism for children of all ages and adults, click “blog” to learn


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