The bear is metaphorical but teaches everyone

The bear is a metaphorical character.  Yes he learns and experiences and is taught.

That is why the book is for adults and children of all ages as it teaches responsibility, ethics, the importance of teamwork, the support of Hellenism, the language and so much more.

Aris is the hero or the main character but he is someone that is deep within the inside of all of us no matter our age.

Recently at a society meeting, we had some Aris copies with us, and, an adult son bought the book for his two little girls, he, an attorney and a Parish Council president happened to be with his Mama (the Grandma) and asked her to hold the book for him as we were all in a meeting, anyway the following week, when he was asked if he read the book and read to his girls, he exclaimed smiling, “No, I can’t, look over there, see my Mother is holding the Aris book with her papers and will not give it back to me, she loves reading it!”  Smiles all around.



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