Greek and English in the same book.

DSCN0045Attention: A Greek school in Corona Queens NY closed, one in Jamaica NY closed and now we read in  Greek newspaper that Greek school in Washington Heights is also going to close.

Parents have to take control of how much learning of the Hellenic Language their kids are going to get, do not depend on any school, get your kids a supplementary reader that you can both read together because it is bilingual Hellenic English on every page, every line and every word, the way Hellenic School books used to be written many many years ago, in both languages!

People, if we stop using the Hellenic language, we will eventually vanish as an ethnicity. Don’t you care?

Take command of how much help you can give to your children at home and for those adults who need some help, this book is for you too, it is a delightful adventure for adults and children of all ages and is only $25. dollars which includes shipping handling etc and you will get it in just two days,

go to the webpage, see the blog, this delightful adventure and fairytale will refresh your mood and knock your socks off, you will go back to read it again and again and adults buy it for kids and wind up keeping it for themselves! Many stories we can tell you that have been reported to us.

Pay pal makes it very easy to use a credit card or check, we do not get your card information, we only get told to ship and to whom, Aris is waiting to tell you lots of important things about Hellenism, responsibility, ethics and more, see you soon, is where to go!

oh and PS, NY might have a few more schools in other boroughs but check out far other states like Tennessee and Alabama that host one hour per week, ONE HOUR PER WEEK and the class is mixed with adults and children as these second and third generation Hellenes and (many non Hellenes) really want to learn how to read, write and speak Hellenic, so they take whatever is there, one hour per week is all they have!

We must do something to extend the teaching of the Hellenic language and I am very proud of the author who chose to write a book to endorse Hellenism and she is a credit to Hellenism! Many have said this and share with you!

Thank you.


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