Don’t miss out on this educational opportunity to have bilingual Hellenic on side by side pages with excellent translation of every word, sentence and page! Great for children and adults of all ages. Wonderful stories loved and re read by all. The Adventures of Aris will make you smile and feel the joy and pride of Hellenism! Safe and easy pay pal orders shipped out immediately.

In the past you saw a teddy-bear on the cover of “The Adventures of Aris” but the bear is really a young man, who likes to tell his stories and adventures through the bear. When you read the book, you will understand completely and will be very pleased. Don’t wait for schools to start again. ¬†Buy this book for your children now! This book is for adults too and for children of all ages. It is bilingual and will help everyone to grasp the strong command of both the English and Greek languages all in the same book! Don’t wait. Hurry. The author gives you free shipping.

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